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I'll be using this journal to post batches of icons; I need to learn more techniques and this is a good excuse. My interests lean towards sci-fi/fantasy but I'll probably be fairly random. If I do any adult-rated icons, they will be placed behind an LJ-cut, as will batches larger than 3-4 icons. If I get the whim to do wallpaper, banners, brushes, or anything else of the sort, I will do so.

Available: All icons posted in this journal will be linked in this journal's memories.

About Adopting: If you see something here that you want, PLEASE TAKE IT! Just credit me (Kielle) in the icon keywords -- drop me a comment to tell me what you liked, whether you take 'em or not. Do not, however, reproduce any of my icons/graphics uncredited in collections. Sure, I can't stop you, but hey: it's just rude.

Complaints: If you see your own work here, tell me so I can apologize and take it down or credit properly, your choice. I get my component graphics/brushes/fonts all over; honest mistakes can be made. On the other hand, I will occasionally post rude or mature icons; they will be placed behind a cut with a warning, so complaints on that front will be ignored.

Credit Where Due: Among others, I use brushes by crumblingwalls. She's amazing!