¤ And A Know-It-All Grin ¤ (kielle) wrote in kiellicons,
¤ And A Know-It-All Grin ¤

Finally, some new stuff!

I'm not entirely sure what these are, but they've been lying around on my drive forever. Though I said I'd be making less bases these days, they're just too awfully pretty to not share! Teaser:



  • 16 whatever the heck these are

    Kindly comment here and place my name (Kielle) in your keywords if you take an icon, but there's no need to ask. You have permission to add to any bases you take.

    01)    02)    03)    04)

    05)    06)    07)    08)

    09)    10)    11)    12)

    13)    14)    15)    16)

    And here's two completely unrelated pretties. :)

    1)    2)

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