¤ And A Know-It-All Grin ¤ (kielle) wrote in kiellicons,
¤ And A Know-It-All Grin ¤

Backpost: LOTR Random + Cast

Click here for an explanation of this post, if necessary. Mainly bases. All are from FOTR and thus are very old -- I'm just putting them up to be complete. This is another random set. #2 is in Korean; #3 is a pic of Shane and Rastus, the ponies who "played" Bill the Pony.

1)    2)    3) Shane and Rastus, the ponies who played Bill

4)    5)    6)

7)    8)    9)

Kindly comment here and place my name (Kielle) in your keywords if you take an icon, but there's no need to ask. You also have blanket permission to add to any bases you take.

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