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Post-Its! (Not quite icons, but...)

So I had this sudden idea: why bother wasting words on annoying posts/comments when a sticky note would do perfectly well? So I made a whole lot of 'em. Steal and use to your heart's content. If you like them, I'll make more! You don't have to ask permission, but credit somewhere is lovely and let me know if you liked 'em enough to take some.

Warning: a wee bit of bad language. And yes they're VERY bitchy, though there's a couple nicer ones in there...

Many, many more...Collapse )

EDIT: Wow, thanks everyone! Yes, I've been trying to make them transparant for darker backgrounds, but sadly I can't seem to feather the edges and the slight diagonal makes them turn out like crap. If anyone has any better ideas (I use PS7)...

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April 18 2005, 13:15:26 UTC 13 years ago

I love 'em! Shame MSN doesn't accept them. :(
Took the "too busy reading porn" for user info, will credit! Thanks, they're all great!
HA. "This is me mocking you from a safe distance. Freak."

I love it.
Wow, you are my hero!! I'm gonna steal some, I'll keep a permanent credit thingy in my user info once I start using them, i.e. "All posty notes (kiellicons) made by kielle". Hope that's cool! :D
I have duly swiped a small handfull, to be credited when used. Thank you.
Toddling off with 3 of these. Keep making them!
OMG these are wonderful! Great idea you had there, and I'll definitely use and credit you (they'll make being a bitch so much easier).
Wow, these are great, lol. I'm sure you've heard that a million times by now! Do you mind if I use a few of these? I can credit you in my profile on LJ.
These are all really awesome. I'm stealing the one about icon credit as I will inevitably have a use for it.
love, love, love it! taking and crediting here and in my other journal! :-)
you are a fine, wise person. fab creativity!
make more =D
those are awesome! Best things I've seen in forever! I've saved them all to my photobucket for use
I LOVE those!!!*LOL*
I loved those so much im gonna use 'em

if ya wanna c my LJ, it's lame but my icons and backgruond are kewl

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