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Post-Its! (Not quite icons, but...)

So I had this sudden idea: why bother wasting words on annoying posts/comments when a sticky note would do perfectly well? So I made a whole lot of 'em. Steal and use to your heart's content. If you like them, I'll make more! You don't have to ask permission, but credit somewhere is lovely and let me know if you liked 'em enough to take some.

Warning: a wee bit of bad language. And yes they're VERY bitchy, though there's a couple nicer ones in there...

Many, many more...Collapse )

EDIT: Wow, thanks everyone! Yes, I've been trying to make them transparant for darker backgrounds, but sadly I can't seem to feather the edges and the slight diagonal makes them turn out like crap. If anyone has any better ideas (I use PS7)...

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I am one of the throngs of the awed...

I love this concept and I'd love to do it for a bunch of other things - nicer to fair-middling type responses. Will you take requests or share the base & font so we can make our own?

Hmm better said, I could easily recreate the base from the above and find an appropriate icon but would you mind if I did it (I'd credit you with the idea)? The one thing I can't figure out on the spot is how you managed to get the text tilted properly! If you're ok with me expanding on the idea, would you mind cluing me in? Did you figure out a specific rotate angle for the text layer and just rotate the text layer for all the others to the same degree?
Well I hope you're ok with it.. I was so excited by this idea that I spent hours looking for the font and finally ended up trying my own with a different font I found.

I slapped together my own little page for my personal reference and I've credited you all over the place: http://www.megalion.org/misc/postit/

Hope you don't mind.


13 years ago


13 years ago


13 years ago

The answer is 24-bit PNG if, like me, you don't give a flying-fuck about people who still use IE6/pc, which is the only browser that doesn't render 24-bit transparent PNGs properly (in that they show up with a grey background). They have a real alpha channel so your shadows will render perfectly if you move them to the alpha channel and make them black on the main layer, regardless of the background people put them on. Yay for masks!

If by 'PS7' you mean Photoshop 7, Save-for-web is where that hides.

Check my journal's usericons for examples. It's purty.
*nods* I can give that a shot. My problem is, the transparency selection (using, as you say, the Save-for-web option) kept turning out all jagged/aliased, even if I feathered the original selection. Argh. Maybe it was just late at night and I was missing something blindingly obvious...I'll try again!


April 14 2005, 23:12:56 UTC 13 years ago

Hey My names Jennie, I have a greatest journal account otherwise, hey I'd be logged on. Anywho I just wanted to say that these are great and if you wouln't mind all to terribly I'm going to post them in our community.

thanks a buch

Hey, thanks! Just so long as I get a link back or something -- it's incredibly fun to hear how they end up getting used. :)
Have seen these in a few different places, love them, and linked to dot_sex_snark, as I know the folks there would appreciate them. Will instruct to self-host (though they're good people and wouldn't hotlink anyway).
These are sooo cool. Fantastic job!

I want one that says "Jesus was my copilot until we crashed in the Andes and I had to eat him!" hehhe
Love them!!!

*steals for her comms*
I've saved these.

Now, just thinking of a good reason to use 'em!
Saved all. <3
Hey! Where did my little heart go? ♥ Ah, there it is. :D
THESE are great!
Stealing a bunch of them, self-hosting them and will credit when using them. Thank you! These are AWESOME. =D
Saw one in a wank thread and followed the link! Snagged two! Greatstuff! XD
hi there, was linked here and freakin LOVE this....is the stickie a post shop brush?
if so, willing to share?
i'm going to comment ONLY with these from now on lol.

thank you so much!
*laughs* No, though that's not a bad idea -- I cleaned up the base image I found somewhere online, copy/pasted it about a zillion times in an open PS window, then started laying down captions...I guess it could be turned into a brush, I'll ask a friend who's better at that than I!


12 years ago

Ahahahaha!!!!! I took a whole bunch of these. I'll definitely credit you. These are too damn funny.
i love these!!!
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