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Post-Its! (Not quite icons, but...)

So I had this sudden idea: why bother wasting words on annoying posts/comments when a sticky note would do perfectly well? So I made a whole lot of 'em. Steal and use to your heart's content. If you like them, I'll make more! You don't have to ask permission, but credit somewhere is lovely and let me know if you liked 'em enough to take some.

Warning: a wee bit of bad language. And yes they're VERY bitchy, though there's a couple nicer ones in there...

Many, many more...Collapse )

EDIT: Wow, thanks everyone! Yes, I've been trying to make them transparant for darker backgrounds, but sadly I can't seem to feather the edges and the slight diagonal makes them turn out like crap. If anyone has any better ideas (I use PS7)...

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These are quite delicious fun! Thanks for sharing!

Oh, I LOVE them. I'll credit when I figure out which one to choose.. ^_^
Could you make one like the icon credit one? Something like..

"Hi. I'd prefer you NOT steal my bandwidth kthxbye.


It's for my brother's colourbar journal. BTW, these are so awesome. Am going to steal a few, will surely credit!
Holy Crap!

I love 'em!

Favorite-ing your page for the future!! XD
you rock, I love these
found this link from _iconsyoustole
very nice idea =)
Those are so great! I am going to sue the asshat one and the slash one.. thanks!
I absoultely love all of these and have snagged a bunch. I craked up when I saw the attention-whoring one and 'English. Do you speak it ,motherfucker?' has to go up there with the greats. Brilliant, they really made my day.
These are awsome!
:D! Just found these, and they are absolutely amazing. Will use on fitting occasions and try and include links to you :)
WONDERFUL! You're being credited in my user info

this is going on my memories. you are a god.
amazingggggg. added right in my memories.
Heeee. These are great.
Awesome! :D
Took the drama one and made it into an icon, as you can see. Credited you in the keywords. :)
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