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"X-Mas In Middle-Earth" bases

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to credit me in keywords for this set! I snagged the original images from SomethingAwful.com -- they deserve keyword credit for these fantastic photomanips. Not me. I'm just sharing the fun. :) I'd still like to hear from you if you like 'em or take 'em, though! Teaser:


The IconsCollapse )

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I took about 53.7 icons. I lost count. These gave me sooo much joy, and I salute you!
thanks sooo much for making thse. I thought they were hilarious. i took 5 and 6 and will save them for christmas. awesome!
I love your i-cons #1 is so cute
3, 6, 7, and 8

These made me laugh so hard. I didn't even see why they were special for a bit. They just looked like the usual fan pics.
come late, but have taken number 9. will credit when used.
These are hilarious.


August 20 2005, 17:37:13 UTC 12 years ago

Love em. Took # 5!
crappity thing logged me out. Whoops!

credito to youo, muchas gracias. I took 3 btw
These are so funny! Took #7 and #5. Will credit. Thanks!


November 22 2005, 18:34:15 UTC 11 years ago

I absolutely love #4. Gollum with a Hanson CD... lord. Too much. Took that and 5, 7, and 9. Might or might not use them all.
these rock! will credit, taking #5
Took 3, 6, 9. Thanks.
you do realize that now all your images are showing up as the image you chose when someone outside your domain hotlinks to your site... yes?

took 9 and 5, very nice! will credit.
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