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Post-Its! (Not quite icons, but...)

So I had this sudden idea: why bother wasting words on annoying posts/comments when a sticky note would do perfectly well? So I made a whole lot of 'em. Steal and use to your heart's content. If you like them, I'll make more! You don't have to ask permission, but credit somewhere is lovely and let me know if you liked 'em enough to take some.

Warning: a wee bit of bad language. And yes they're VERY bitchy, though there's a couple nicer ones in there...

Many, many more...Collapse )

EDIT: Wow, thanks everyone! Yes, I've been trying to make them transparant for darker backgrounds, but sadly I can't seem to feather the edges and the slight diagonal makes them turn out like crap. If anyone has any better ideas (I use PS7)...

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Waaay belatedly: Dave's Hand. ;)
Oh these ROCK! I don't know which ones but I do know I shall be nabbing some to use in my journal =) Credit given, of course. Thanks for being creative and witty!
snagged the "drama" one. ill credit, ill be putting it in my lj user info <3
I adore you. *memories*
I'm stealing approximately all of these, with credit, of course.
How cool! Thank you!
freakin awesome.
XD Great.
This rocks! Thank you!
*stealing "You're Sick I like that"*

these are great, so gonna use them and will credit!
Oh, my. I adopted WAY TOO FREAKING MANY of these! (Tipped this way by 7rin, in case you wanted to know.)

May I make these icon-sized? If not, I'll use 'em as is--they're priceless.

(And if you REALLY want, I can tell you which ones I took--but I took about twenty! Yipe!)

Will credit. :)
In-fricking-sane. I loff them.

I bestow upon you the "Diety fo a Day" award! Muah!

-giggles- Soo loving these. :D I'll be linking in userinfo. Linked by misscam in case you wanted to know :)
Oh these are COMEDY!! Came here by a chance browsing of mock_the_stupid. I took three, and I'll credit when I use 'em!
those are hilarious
These kick ass hun. I'm snagging most of em and posting a link to em in my LJ. Make more, MAKE MORE! :)

*smooch* will credit and share of course.
In four words: You own my soul.

In three words: I love you.

In two words: Bloody Brilliant.



As you can see, I'll be snagging some of these. I'll give you an ocean full several oceans full all the credit you deserve. ^^

awww, yes, like starry096, i find these brilliant too. will credit when used! ^^
These are excellent, gracias. I am going to put one in my userinfo. :P
love them. If I ever use them, I will undoubtedly credit you!
Used a few
wow. those are awesome!

okay, so I'm slow and 10'000 people have said this already but... yeah *loves*
*sniggle* Snagging and crediting!
These rock!!
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