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Post-Its! (Not quite icons, but...)

So I had this sudden idea: why bother wasting words on annoying posts/comments when a sticky note would do perfectly well? So I made a whole lot of 'em. Steal and use to your heart's content. If you like them, I'll make more! You don't have to ask permission, but credit somewhere is lovely and let me know if you liked 'em enough to take some.

Warning: a wee bit of bad language. And yes they're VERY bitchy, though there's a couple nicer ones in there...

Many, many more...Collapse )

EDIT: Wow, thanks everyone! Yes, I've been trying to make them transparant for darker backgrounds, but sadly I can't seem to feather the edges and the slight diagonal makes them turn out like crap. If anyone has any better ideas (I use PS7)...

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These are utterly brilliant, Kielle. I've shared the love with others, who quite agree.

Now, to staple these to certain people's foreheads...

seriously, these are totally inspired!!!
in fact, can i put a couple of these on my user info page, if I link back here and credit you?
You win at the Internet, Kielle. ;-)

I might be using some . . . and if I do, you shall receive credit.
I will link this community on my LJ userprofile (specifically, this post) as my crediting...will that do?

Also, so I won't steal your bandwidth, I'll upload to my own server... will that be alright?

*loves most the postits - especially "English..."
found this place thanks to a friend. I'm snagging several and adding this to memories. gods, I wish I had "gosh, your IP address looks awfully familiar" a little over a year ago (it would have came in awfully handy then). also, mucho love for the the "hotlinking sucks" one and "I like getting credit for my icons" one XD
I heart you!! i LOVE post its and this is just the best idea! stolen a bunch of them and im going to put them on my LJ! credit to you OF COURSE for your brilliant idea! :D thanks again! make more ;) hehe

Stealing, self-hosting and linking.
Bloody. Brilliant.

So using these.
Love the to death!
maialae, may I take your icon?


11 years ago


11 years ago

these are the shit! IO love! :)
Stealing. Will credit whenever used. What a fantastic idea ;)
Hee! I like these. Stealing a bunch to upload to my own server and use. will credit.

Brilliant (with a rolled 'r', even). 'BZZT! Wrong Gender, try again!' has to be my favorite...it turned my craptastic day into something worthwhile.
hey, i love your avatars, would like to use and credit you for it, but i dont know how to credit you?
like, how do i do that, sorry for sounding like a tard.
If you mean my icons, you just put my name in the image keywords somewhere, though a friendly GIP post pointing people to this journal never hurt! ;) If you mean the stickies above, I guess you could put a link in your profile? That's what people seem to be doing...


12 years ago


Thanks for that. :D
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